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Consistent quality
Bronzewing Farm(R) Tasmanian Mountain Pepper is consistently 'hot', day-in, day-out;
year-in, year-out; the polygodialcontent of our Tasmanian DEVIL(R) Mountain Pepper is
typically 26 g/kg in the dried peppercorns because our pepperberries are produced from our
selected cultivars (propagated on the farm, planted on the farm and harvested from the farm).
Compare this to peppers harvested from the bush - where the polygodial levels can range
from next to nothing to high and everything in between.  You take 'potluck' on what sort of
Tasmanian Mountain Pepper you'll get.  Click here for details of a University of Tasmania
Consistent supply

Bronzewing Farm(R)  aims to be able to supply Tasmanian Mountain Pepper all year round,

every year!  We can do this because our pepper is grown in our plantation where the plants
get the right care to ensure consistent production.  Compare this with the 'bush suppliers' -
"Production of this mainly wild harvest native food is highly variable" (RIRDC 2012).  We
estimate that the 'bush crop' fails 2 years in every 5.  Why would you use Tasmanian Mountain 
Pepper in your products, your restaurant or your home if you can only get it every so often?
Serious Quantities
Bronzewing Farm's dried peppercorn yield is projected to be 2,000 kg annually at maturity. 
The highly variable 'bush crop' was estimated at 4,000 kg in 2012 (RIRDC 2012).  You will
have a real choice when deciding to buy Tasmanian Mountain Pepper:  Peppercorns of
consistent quality, or peppercorns which may or may not be 'hot' (if you can buy them
that year...).
Suppy-chain integrity and traceability is very important today, and with Bronzewing Farm(R)
Tasmanian DEVIL(R) Mountain Pepper you have the producer, the harvester, the processor and the
packager allin one.  We know our pepper.
No chemicals
No chemical pesticides are used on our peppers either on-farm or when processing.
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