Tip #1.  Store "Devil" Mountain Peppercorns in a dry place for maintenance of milling attributes.  When kept dry the peppercorns have a shelf-life of three years   If your peppers have picked up some moisture and are not gringing well in your pepper mill, then you can re-dry them.  Heat an oven to 180 deg C., and then turn off.  Place peppers on a flat baking tray and place in the cooling oven.  30 minutes should be sufficient and will not affect the flavour of your peppers.
Tip #2. After opening our "Tasmanian DEVIL Mountain Pepperberries" be sure to remove as much air as possible and reseal the pack to limit moisture absorption from the air.
Tip #3.  The simplest use of our peppercorns is as a straight replacement for traditional peppercorns in your pepper mill or grinder.  Don't just add ground pepper after the meal is cooked.  The ground peppercorns are excellent in cooked bases for pasta sauces or soups.  If you are sauteing onions, grind the peppercorns directly into the pan.  This adds a really great flavour to the onions.

Tip #4.  The more you cook Tasmanian Mountain Pepper the less 'heat' you have at the end.  So, if you want to maintain the Peppercorn's unique bite, then add ground pepper to your cooking only a couple of minutes prior to serving.
Tip #5.  A coarse-grind is better for extracting all the flavours of our peppers.
The peppers must be 'crunched' in order to elicite the full-flavoured back-palate.
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