Fresh Tasmanian Pepperberries Click to buy Tasmanian WILD Mountain Peppercorns Frozen Tasmanian Pepper Berries
These semi-dried pepperberries are best used crushed, ground in a mortar & pestle or used as a garnish.  Must be kept in the refrigerator; 2 week shelf-life only.
Available in 50 g (1.75 oz) standup pouch with vacuum-sealed inner pouch. 
Prices (excluding shipping):
50 g peppercorns:  AU$12.50
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As close as you can get to the fresh berries out of season.  Our "WILD" pepperberries are semi-dried, vacuum-sealed DEVIL peppers.  Only available to special order and will typically take 3-4 days to process.  May not be available all year. 
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