Bronzewing Farm 2013-17
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in Tasmania ran this story about the possible use of Tasmanian Mountain Peppers in the cosmetics industry.  This video clip was posted on the ABC website on Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:15pm AEDT but has now expired.
tasmanian_mountain_peppers_2017v3c008007.gif New plantation of Tasmanian Mountain Peppers
Cultivation & Agronomy
Australia New Zealand nutrition information tasmanian_mountain_peppers_2017v3c009002.gif The plant

The plant
The story derives from relatively recent research on the properties of Australian Native Foods.  These research reports are:
Read, C. 2012. Nutritional Data for Australian Native Foods: Supporting the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand Nutritional Panel Calculator.  RIRDC publication No 12-099
Izabeka Konczak et al. 2009 Health Benefits of Australian Native Foods - An evaluation of health-enhancing compounds.  RIRDC publication No 09-133
Nutritional and Health aspects of Tasmanian Mountain Pepper