Bronzewing Farm 2013-17
Our most flavoursome and spicy Tasmanian Mountain Pepper.
Available as peppercorns for your grinder or pepper mill, or as coarse-ground pepper.
Available in 50 g (1.75 oz) glass jars or 100 g (3.5 oz) zip-lock standup "caterer's packs". 
Prices (excluding shipping):
50 g peppercorns:  AU$11.90
50 g coarse-ground:  AU$12.50
100 g peppercorns:  AU$20.00
100 g coarse-ground:  AU$22.00
1 lb peppercorns:  AU$115.00
International special includes shipping to USA, EU, NZ or China
For larger amounts please email us
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No pepper mill?
How about our grinders made from unique Tasmanian timbers?
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