Pepperberries and peppercorns
Taste Sensation 
"Aroma of bush-scrub with perfumed, fruity lolly notes.  A lingering heat on palate" (Defining the Unique Flavours of Australia Native Foods by Heather Smyth, 2010, RIRDC 10/062).
The above description probably doesn't help you define the way you'll taste Tasmanian DEVIL Mountain Pepper, so what is in it?
Research undertaken by the University of Sydney shows that our DEVIL peppers have the following flavour compounds:
Sensory descriptors for Mtn Pepper on a radar plot Home Table of DEVIL Mtn Pepper flavour compounds
Well Colour me Pink (or red)!!
Another great thing about our Tasmanian DEVIL Mountain Pepper is that the skin of the fruit is not black, but deep, deep red.  Full of anthocyanins (specifically cyanidins - 29.4 mg/g ; Konczak 2009).   Anthocyanins?  Think red wine grapes, tomatoes, red apples, etc. 
Anthocyanins are strong antioxidants but they can also give a great reddish colour to your cooking. The anthocyanins can be brought out of even our dried Mountain Peppercorns. Lemon juice, vinegar and brine are a great way to extract both colour and flavour out of the peppers (the photo on the right shows 20 peppercorns in 30 g of white vinegar; when crushed the peppers release even more colour).
Dried peppercorns 'bleeding' anthocyanins into white vinegar tasmanian_mountain_peppers_2019v1012004.gif tasmanian_mountain_peppers_2019v1012003.jpg
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