tasmanian_mountain_peppers_2017v3c001005.gif Fresh Mountain Pepper berries on the tree
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Tasmanian Mountain Pepper is not just some 'flash' name for regular pepper grown in the mountains of Tasmania... Tasmanian Mountain Pepper (scientifically known as Tasmannia lanceolata) is native to Tasmania and is a very different plant to traditional pepper spice or capsicum-type bell-pepper, chilli or paprika.  Black pepper spice comes from a flowering vine originating from India and Asia. Piperine provides the spicy heat in black pepper. Chilli, paprika and other capsicum fruits come from the Americas and the 'heat' comes from capsaicin.  Tasmanian mountain pepper comes, oddly enough, from Tasmania (as well as some mountainous areas of southern Australia).  The hot spicy flavour comes from polygodial.
So, if you think you know pepper, think again, and get a unique taste from the 'Land Down Under' where everything turns you on your head.